Memory Super Foods You Should Incorporate Into Your Diet

Memory lapses happen to everyone. Once or twice or a few times before, you might have forgotten the reason why you’re in a room. You’re at the grocery store and you can’t remember what you’re supposed to buy.

You find yourself forgetting a person’s name even if that person is someone you’ve known for years. Although many people experience the same things, it’s still scary. At some point, you might have thought you’re getting closer and closer to having Alzheimer’s The truth is you’re far from having Alzheimer’s. Instead of freaking out, do something to boost your memory, like eating more of the following memory boosting superfoods.

Large superfood selection in white porcelain dishes over distressed white wooden background.

Increase your fish intake. Fish is rich in omega-3 acids. In addition, fish is rich in DHA or docosahexaenoic acid. DHA is really important because it helps to keep the neurons in your brains firing properly.

Proper neuron firing is important when you want to make sure that your memory stays strong. And when you eat more fish, that often leads to your eating less of the red meat. If your red meat consumption is reduced, your health will benefit. So next time you’re doing the grocery, go with fish instead of meat. Increase your whole grains consumption. Your overall health will benefit from a diet rich in whole grains. If you want to keep your memory sharp, eat whole grains. You can easily eat more whole grains every day. Switch to whole grain bread. Alternatively you can use a bread machine to cook some delicious bread. You can add grains to different parts of your meals (whole grain waffles for breakfast, for example).

Your body needs to be well-hydrated every day so drink enough water. This may be news to you, but water is considered a super food. Our body needs water in order for it to function. Water is what helps your brain and muscles properly hydrated. When your brain is dehydrated, you’re likely to forget things. So to make sure your brain is properly hydrated, drink plenty of water daily.

There are a lot of ways you can strengthen your brain and improve your memory. There are memory games and puzzles. You can also exercise your brain; there are many brain exercises out there so try them out. Changing your diet is also an excellent way to improve your brain function. There are a lot of super foods out there that can help with memory improvement. You’ve read about some of those super foods here. As you continue to do your research you’ll find plenty of other memory super foods that can help you remember things better as well.


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